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Every other year we alternate a "Recital" and "Demonstration" for our end-of-year performance. 


Recitals usually include an impressive production of musical theme, costumes, scenery, lighting and exciting dances.

Demonstrations are slightly smaller in scale with simpler costumes and less stage production. On Demo years, we typically also do a Christmas show at the dance school to show off for family.


2023 Demo

May 20 & 21
Mayde Creek High School,
19202 Groschke Rd, Houston, TX 77084


2023 Demonstration | End of Year Performance

Your class will perform on one of the demonstration days during a 1 hour session. Details for the day and time of your performance will be provided in class.

2022 Recital

June 2, 3, & 4
Travis High School,
11111 Harlem Rd, Richmond, TX 77406


"Come Fly With Me"

Thanks for flying CEDS Airlines on our trip around the world!

We loved being back on stage for a big show and our dancers were amazing.

Visit our Facebook page for photos from our families.

2021 Demo

2021 Demonstration Show-Offs

During your last class, the week of June 7th – 12th we will have demonstration showoffs in the dance school.


Parents are invited into the classrooms and the students will perform combinations, progressions and a short dance.

Awards will be presented to students with 4 or more years of dancing at the end of each class.

Parents/visitors are asked to wear a mask while visiting your child’s classroom.

We ask that all the students wear black dance attire the last two weeks of class. It does not need to be matching. Any black dance clothes you already have are perfectly fine for the performance.

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