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Carol Ehler Dance School opened our doors in June of 1976, as the first dance school (and only at that time) to be open in the Bear Creek/ Copperfield area.


Teaching dancers for over 45 years , we are very excited and proud of the success and accomplishments of our school. It is very important to us to provide your children with the best dance instruction possible.

The studio is fully staffed with 10 teachers, most of whom were students here themselves. We have 3 spacious teaching rooms, each with viewing windows open at all times for parents to observe class.  We invite you to come and visit, and see and experience our positivity and love of dance!  


for teaching dance is to share with your child our love of dance, thus enabling them to experience the joy and happiness that comes from dancing, and to develop a positive attitude about themselves

Our Philosophy

meet our staff

These smiling faces are like family to each other, and we thank you for being a part of our dance family!


We also thank you for trusting us to be role models and teachers, because we LOVE getting to teach and spend time with the dancers every week!

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